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Safety & Security


At Canyon Crossing Storage the safety of your property is our highest priority.  That’s why our storage facility is monitored and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With features like a full perimeter security fence with electronic access gate, nighttime yard lighting, and 24 hour a day video monitoring you can rest assured that your assets are as safe as we can make them.

Canyon Crossing Gate
Electronic Gate Access

Access to the Canyon Crossing Storage yard is controlled by an interactive electronic gate.  User specific access codes allow customers to come and go as they need to while an automatic timer closes the gate behind them each time.  This set-up allows customers to conveniently access their property while limiting the chance of un-authorized access.

Canyon Crossing - Security Camera
Video Security Monitoring

The Canyon Crossing Storage yard is equipped with 24 hour video monitoring.  Multiple cameras equipped with night vision allow activity monitoring and recording no matter when it happens. 

Canyon Crossing - Security Fence
Yard Lighting

Nighttime lighting at the Canyon Crossing Storage yard is provided by six 5000 watt quartz-halogen floodlights.  Lights allow our customers to safely see during their early morning and late evening visits and offer the added benefit of detecting and deterring potential intruders.

Canyon Crossing - Fence
Security Fencing

A six foot tall chain link fence with 3 strand barb-wire top surrounds the entire perimeter of the Canyon Crossing Storage yard.  This fence helps ensure that your property stays in and intruders stay out!

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